Ever wonder what successful women have that we don’t?

I wouldn’t have any idea, because I’m a Guy, but that doesn’t mean I cannot learn a thing or two (or three) from the successful women who have made it big in their fields/careers.

15 Common Traits of Success Women Entrepreneurs!

An article written by Edie Berg in Success Magazine wrote that she interviewed 49 successful women over the period of a year and surprisingly, although each woman had a different story, there are certain qualities that these women share.

15 Traits – 49 Successful Women have THESE in Common

1. The Successful Woman Plays to Her Strengths

Just because a woman enjoys playing the cello, doesn’t mean that she will choose to play for the Denver Symphony Orchestra.

Successful women will often choose a career path by discovering what they are good at first, and secondly about what they love to do.

Think about what you do so well – that you will dominate your chosen field over time – you should also love it!

2. They Have Undeniable Ambition

Successful women don’t dream about being the best in their field – they choose to be the best in their state or country – and most want to change the world.

3. They Always Stay Positive

Successful women tried and failed enough times to know how to deal with disappointment.

They have the drive to keep going knowing that the future will be bright for them.

4. Successful Women are Well Organized

Edie stated that the majority of women she interviewed said yes quickly, checked their calendars, and booked a date for their interview.

One of the common traits of the successful entrepreneur is to make quick decisions and live with the consequences of their decision, but they are also well organized with a daily planner, calendar, or some other form of To-Do list.

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5. They’re Constantly Learning

Successful entrepreneurs will never stop educating themselves.

It is said that they will read materials related to their career or education to better themselves. Research shows that 88% of the wealthy will read for at least 30 minutes each day.

Likewise, Successful women are continually improving themselves. The women interviewed stated that they use mentors and coaches to accelerate their learning.

6. They Have a Strong Support System

Most of the women interviewed said that they have a strong support system. They have a partner or family member who supports their cause

The successful woman has someone to lean on when needed.

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7. Successful Entrepreneurs Know Failure and Success Go Together

These successful women know that their failures will soon equal their successes.

It is just a part of playing the entrepreneurial game.

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15 Common Traits of Successful Women

8. They are Grateful for Their Success

These 49 women will give credit to those who have helped them reach their stardom.

They are grateful for what they have in their life and don’t take anything for granted.

9. They Do What it Takes

Nobody got where they are without putting in the hard work necessary.

These women put in the hours and remain persistent through the rough times.

10. They Know How to Apply the 80/20 Principle

The successful entrepreneur knows how to separate the valuable from the worthless.

They know how to apply what works and remove what doesn’t work, from their routine.

11. They Choose Their Battles Wisely

These successful women choose not to make a big deal over the little things.

But, if there is a problem, they deal with it head-on and promptly.

12. They Do What They Believe In

This is crucial for a successful woman.

Their belief system is gasoline to their fire for putting in the long hours required to be a success.

It’s the purpose of their work behind the years of hard work and dedication.

13. Successful Women have Loads of Confidence

Successful women, and men for that matter, believe in themselves and their cause.

14. They Have a Vision for the Future

The successful woman sees a better world for herself and her family and works towards achieving those goals.

They are in it for the long haul.

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15. Successful Women Feel Success – But Are Never Finished

The successful woman knows that there is always more to the story.

She knows that there is a more successful way of doing things and is tireless in her journey.

She is devoted and constantly curious for a better way.

Conclusion About Successful Women

Edie stated that by listening and learning from her interviews over the year, she discovered that they are no different from you and me.

These women were not born into success… they are just focused on what they want and don’t stop until they get it.

They don’t have any superpowers, they have determination, vision, and purpose.

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