Have you ever stopped to wonder how Mike Dillard achieved such wild success in the world of online marketing?

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or are looking to start your own online business, you may be wondering what it took for Mike Dillard to create his multi-million dollar empire.

Mike Dillard Secret Software Used To Build His Empire (Free!)

Well, the good news is that it didn’t require some secret recipe of time and money – he simply used a piece of software – and, it’s FREE!

And best of all, this same software can be used by anyone interested in creating their own successful business.

In this post, we’ll reveal what the Mike Dillard secret software is that was used to build his multi-million dollar, online empire, in no time at all!

Let’s get started!

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The Mike Dillard Secret Software Used for Results

To begin… Mike makes it clear that there are two kinds of people in the marketing industry… those that DO and those that Don’t.

I’m referring to people that make things happen and those that sit around waiting for results.

Here’s what I mean… many people have noticed over the years that Mike has one particular trait that has enabled him to achieve great results.

He says that he is no smarter than the next guy, has NOT had greater opportunities, or had more money to begin with (he was NOT born with a Silver Spoon in his mouth).

What makes Mike different from others? We can borrow the slogan from Nike, ‘Just Do It!

Every time Mike has an idea, like most entrepreneurs, he doesn’t sit around and think about it for long periods of time, he steps outside the box and just goes for it.

He says, “I just took it for granted that if you have a great idea, you freaking do it, right?”

The big difference is that most people, including myself, may have a little procrastination flowing through our veins.

We often come up with an amazing idea and think about putting it into action, but either talk ourselves out of it, or procrastinate to the point that it becomes a distant memory.

Days, weeks, months go by before we realize that we are still sitting in the same position we were a year ago.

Like any successful entrepreneur, Mike doesn’t think about it, he just does it!

When he has an idea, he begins executing it one baby-step at a time, each and every day until his project is complete.

Success is a Matter of Habitual Behaviors

Mike Dillard Home Business Magazine Cover

Success is not a destination, it’s the result of a pattern of habitual behaviors.

True or False? You can take someone who has a track record of success in one field and move them over to another with the expectation that success will be achieved again. TRUE!

Why is this? It’s not the job or the business opportunity. It’s not that the marketing system is greater or the product is better at creating success. It’s their daily habits… they are the “Do-ers“.

There are successful and unsuccessful people in every business – they are all using the same tools, the same websites and the same system… the difference is found in their daily habits.

So how can you transition from a “Thinker” to a “Do-er?”

Mike Dillard’s Secret Weapon Revealed

This little, easy to use, software has been crucial in creating Mike’s habitual patterns for getting things done, which has produced millions of dollars in revenue in the process.

Ever hear of ‘WordPad‘? Also known as NotePad or TextEdit for Mac users.

Here is a simple, easy to use, program that opens up with a blank white page as it stares at you waiting to be called into action.

All you do is type into this little unassuming simple program that doesn’t do anything but interpret your key strokes… it doesn’t even check your spelling.

Here is why Mike says this little un-evolved program is so valuable… it is your NEW Boss!

Every night before Mike goes to bed, he pulls up his WordPad file, which he says that he has saved as his “To-Do.txt” list, and he writes down 5 tasks that he must complete the following day, in order of importance.

In fact, here is his actual “To Do List” for today:

To Do List:

  1. Write and send MS newsletter.
  2. Update Adwords campaign.
  3. Run new headline split-test.
  4. Finish Chapter 4 in “Building On A Budget.”
  5. Return prospect phone calls and emails.

Why Making a Written List is SO Magical

When you make a list the night before, you will subconsciously have all night to think about it.

When you awake, you are already on task.

You already know what your goals are for the day. You are starting this day with focus and a purpose that’s already laid out for you.

This allows you to ignore the onslaught of distractions that arise each new morning.

You will find that if you don’t have your To-Do list waiting for you at your desk in the morning, you will get sidetracked with the everyday hustle and bustle.

Life Happens… it gets in the way!

If you don’t take back control and focus, it will prevent you from accomplishing anything constructive.

This is a deadly trap that you must avoid at all costs; this happens to be the roadblock that is preventing you from achieving the results that you want.

The process of creating a To-Do list each and every night has allowed Mike to create his Magnetic Sponsoring empire.

His most sophisticated and effective marketing system in the industry was created one step at a time using his little known secret software program called WordPad.

Here’s my challenge to You…

Make a commitment to use Mike’s method for 30 days, starting tonight.

Before you head off to bed, create a To-Do list of 5 tasks that you MUST complete by the end of the following day. They MUST be action ‘tasks,’ NOT goals.

If you do the tasks, your goals will automatically be heading in the direction of accomplishment.

He says, do not put…

  1. Sponsor a new rep
  2. Get a new customer
  3. Read a book
  4. Etc…

If sponsoring a new rep or new customer for your business is your goal, then focus on the tasks that will result in the goal like producing 10 new leads and contacting previous prospects.

Example To-Do list…

  1. Send out a press release
  2. Send a newsletter to my list
  3. Write an article and submit to 5 article sites
  4. Talk to at least 5 prospects
  5. Read Chapter 3 in “Review 3 Modules in Traffic Formula II”

If you follow this without fail for the next 30 days, you will be a different person. You will have made more progress in one month than you will have in the past 12 months.

This is just one of the methods, to execute traffic building methods, revealed in Mike Dillard’s book, Magnetic Sponsoring, for maximum results.

“Magnetic Sponsoring is unlike anything you’ve ever seen or read before when it comes to building a network marketing or MLM business. This is NOT a book for people who want to follow the herd, or get average results handing out samples, holding home parties, or buying leads.

It is for the few who want to become leaders in this industry. Who want to walk across the stage, and who want to earn 7-figures. It’s for those who would rather be the hunted than the hunter. Who prefer to work smarter, instead of harder. Who want to build a life-long business, instead of an opportunity, and for those who value truth over hype.”

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