5 Simple Yet Hard-Driving Steps to Increase Blog Traffic

One of the most common complaints circling cyberspace is the lack of blogger traffic.

Because of the onslaught of people attempting to grab their piece of the cyberspace pie, there is an overwhelming degree of spammers and scammers trying to get their hands into our pockets.

It may sound simplistic, but by simply following the ‘Rules’ of proper Blogging and Social Media Etiquette, these spammer and scammers might have a better than average chance of increasing their site’s visibility, in turn, their success.

Blunt Force Trauma for the Honest Blogger

It’s unfortunate, but people are DROWNING in the flood of information and the explosive blast of Internet marketing noise that has invaded our home and our mind.

With an overwhelming number of site choices to navigate to, enough to make your head spin, this makes it difficult to find worthwhile website’s like yours and mine.

I recently visited some people from years back that I fell out of touch with, that are within my network marketing niche, to find that their sites look like a ghost town. I looked deeper to find that their last post entry was over a year ago or more.

No matter how hard they tried, they could not sustain the following they were hoping for to keep themselves afloat. Yes, there may be other circumstances involved that are not public knowledge, but it does seem that the failure rate for bloggers is high.

Below you will find some simple strategies to increase your blog traffic and help you break into the 1000+ daily page views scale.

5 Proven Steps to Increase your Blog Traffic and Authority

As we all learn, network marketing is about engaging with people and accomplishing our tasks within a certain time frame in order to skyrocket our success.

Simple disciplines repeated over time will create success, while simple mistakes created over time will create failure.” ~ Jeff Olson – The Slight Edge

On to Business…

The following tips are going to require a commitment and a certain amount of time set aside each and every day.

The time frame that I mention with each tip should be the minimum, so if you have more time on your hands to expand your effort, by all means, go for it.

Step #1 – Over-Deliver – A Value-Based Article

You need to make it a point to spend at least [1 hour per day] researching, brainstorming and writing killer articles.

Depending on how many articles you churn out per month, you should make it a goal to bless your audience with killer articles at least 2 to 4 times per month.

Now, I’m not referring to the writing of any old articles, I am referring to an above par, delivering a huge amount of value, article at least once every week or once every two weeks, above and beyond your normal article posting routine.

You can easily expect a value-based article to soak up 5 to 10 hours of your week.

For me I write only 1 article per week, because of another business, so my goal is to over-deliver a value-based article each and every time.

Here Are Few Ideas for Value-Based Content:

  • You Can – Create a list of resources for a certain niche
  • You Can – Write a detailed tutorial teaching people how to do something
  • You Can – Find a solution for a common problem within your niche and write about it

The idea here is to do your diligence and research to find out what people are looking for to help them solve issues plaguing their lives or their business.

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One way to accomplish this brings me to Step #2…

Step #2 – Socialize – Network, Engage and Connect with People

Networking with others is essential for your business, especially if you are just getting started.

A mentor of mine a few years back used to say to spend a minimum of 30 minutes a day connecting with 5 to 10 people on Facebook. Doing this alone will get you noticed by others wanting to know more about you.

With all the social platforms available, you can surely expand your social network beyond Facebook to Twitter and LinkedIn just to name a few, but Facebook is a great place to start if you haven’t done so already.

Step #3 – Comment on Other Blogs

I have created a folder in my Bookmarks that says “Top 10 Blogs to Read/Comment On”. Having this folder saves me a large amount of time… I just point and click to choose any one of 10 authoritative blogs that I have saved to visit and comment on daily.

On my To-Do list that I write up the night before, I have by default, my “Daily List” which includes to Read and Comment on 3 Blogs. ON days when time is not so tight, I will comment on more, but 3 is the minimum.

Doing this brings traffic back to my site from the other readers that perused the Comments Section and saw my comment, especially if I leave a Value-Based comment, which of course I do.

The reader of my comment will wonder who the heck I am and follow the link back to my site to see what I have to offer.

If I find a new blog to comment on, I will add it to my list and delete one that I find I haven’t frequented or commented on lately.

You should have at least [30 minutes a day] set aside for this, especially if you don’t have to search for blogs to comment on, hence the Folder in my Bookmarks.

TIP: If you received inspiration from another blogger, link out to them in your article.
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Step #4 – Guest Posting – Guest Blogging

Guest posting is one of the most overlooked methods for creating traffic back to your site. For those not familiar… guest post blogging is where you write content for another blogger and in return you will gain exposure from the Author Bio area.

Guest posting is a great method to gain quality, targeted traffic back to your site.

It’s a great way to take your blog’s traffic to a new level and gain recognition from other like-minded professionals reading and commenting on blogs, where your post is published, that are within the same niche as you.

Step #5 – Promote Your Genius

Nobody likes a spammer, so stay away from this practice… promote your blog article roughly [30 minutes] per day.

A few steps that you can take would be to:

  • Inform the people in your network about your article, via email list, etc.
  • Send a quick note to bloggers and webmasters within your niche
  • Have a friend submit the article to social media or bookmarking sites
  • Have some friends share it on Twitter, Facebook or other social media sites
  • Post about your article in online forums or news groups

NOTE: Use your best judgment on your off days to promote older articles or the same article. One example might be to post your article to a different Facebook group; a group that you didn’t previously submit it to.

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Conclusion: 5 Steps to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Remember that “People Don’t Join a Business – They Join YOU!,” so keep this in mind for building relationships online.

Don’t approach people just because you believe they can do your business good and promote the heck out of your blog. Approach them because you have a genuine respect for their work, and because you believe that the two of you can build a professional relationship and grow together.

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