How to Create Irresistible Magnetic Blog Posts | 10 Secrets Revealed

Whether you decide to share your wisdom through the writing of a blog post, creating a sales pitch to prospects or creating a micro-post for Twitter, we all need to write in a way that attracts the reader closer to us.

Your writing needs to have the compelling and magnetic touch that inspires the person reading your words to crave more. It needs to be provocative, interesting and unique like a romance novel that puts you on the edge of your seat with anticipation of the next erotic tease.

Some people think that writing a magnetic blog post is all about talent. But, a few simple tips and techniques can make any piece of writing a hypnotic masterpiece.

10 Intelligent Ways to Create Magnetic Blog Posts

1. Let’s Start with the Headline

Your headline is a a brief explanation to inform your audience about the pages on your Website. After all… if your headline doesn’t attract the attention your content deserves, your writing brilliance will go unnoticed and the person will continue traveling through cyberspace at mach one speed.

Follow the link for a great tutorial to grab the attention of your readers by the short-hairs… ‘How to Generate Powerful Headlines Guaranteed to Arrest Attention and Arouse Curiosity’.

This article will give you some ideas how to come up with catch-phrases that will capture the attention of the Web surfers to pique their interest enough to stop them in their tracks to follow through with clicking your link.

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2. Teach Your Readers Something

After readers have clicked on the attention-grabbing headline link to visit your blog post, be sure you teach them something that they may not already know… after all, we as bloggers are here to educate and inspire.

Most people are eager to learn new information, tips and strategies to get themselves where they want to be in life, or get their business on the right track to success.

3. Give Your Readers Value

If you want people to flock to your blog for information, then you must offer value-based content that will educate and motivate your readers to want more. Depending on your blog, one powerful way is to be a problem solver offering solutions to issues your audience may be facing.

This will begin the process known as attraction marketing. The attraction marketing blueprint involves the branding of yourself as the expert and leader of your niche… in a nutshell, you will want to market YOU.

Having value and expertise to offer is VERY Attractive to people.

4. Create a “How To” Post or Video

Creating a “How To” post or video is a great way to engage your readers and inspire them to continue through your site with the want for more; of course, as long as you have quenched their thirst with value and education. Providing instructive and information-packed value will also bring your reader to the point of anticipation of your next blog post.

Take this article for example… the headline is written in a way that promises to benefit the reader by revealing possible unknown methods that can possibly help them gain followers, leads and greater rewards.

Tip – Using the words “How-To” combination in your headline will turn your somewhat flat, uninteresting statement into one that draws your reader in remarkably well.

Just make sure you follow up with hard-hitting benefits, a string of multiple benefits, or any one of a number of combinations of benefits, offers, questions, etc.

5. Make a Bulleted or Numbered List

People love lists!

Lists are quite often short sentences that are easy to read, therefore, easier to digest. It’s easier to follow each point of an argument. Sometimes longer sentences — especially if divided up with dashes — are an appropriate tool, especially mixed in with shorter sentences to break things up.

6. Brevity

Brevity – is the quality or state of being brief in duration… a concise expression.

It doesn’t matter how stimulating your content may be, the fact is that most people will not read more than a few sentences. The chances are above average that your reader will start scanning the outline of your work.

You can try working in some entertaining content to grab their attention, but the best policy is to just get to the point… which brings me to my next thought.

7. Structure Your Content

Use Header Tags to outline and highlight the content on your page. Header tags will do three things:

  1. They will serve as an indicator to the level of importance of each section of your content.
  2. They are an easy way to organize your page’s structure giving an outline for the skimming reader.
  3. They will help boost your SEO efforts helping search engines determine where pages should be listed in the search engines.
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8. Ask Questions

Questions will automatically stimulate the brain to think about an answer, whether it’s done internally or out loud. Asking a question in a blog’s article or video will encourage the reader to want to read the content or watch the video and give contribution with an answer.

9. Tell a Story

Facts tell, stories sell. It is true that stories sell the reader. For many, stories will avoid confusion and create curiosity within your content by expressing your message in simple terms that people may already be familiar with.

Telling a story about your experiences with a product or service can create ownership and visually stimulate the reader in the present moment.

They will allow you to make a personal connection with your reader when they are on your site, and can also differentiate you from your competition.

10. Repeat Yourself

You may have heard it before – “Tell them what your are going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them” – repetition enhances recall.

This will allow the skimmer or impatient reader to grasp what they are in for, hopefully absorb the upcoming information, and then have a closing statement reinforcing what they’ve read, giving the reader the best chances for retention.

To start your blog post off right, be sure to have your headline and the first few sentences of your article consist of vital information that will magnetize your reader to crave more. This will prepare the person with information about what is to follow.

At this point is the time to engage your reader with the information they have anticipated.

Then finally, follow through your closing statement, give practical application or example of what you told them.

Closing Statements About Creating Irresistible Magnetic Blog Posts

Beginning with an attention-grabbing headline to your blog post is going to stop the reader in their tracks, so be sure that your information within your article is value-based and thought-provoking keeping your audience engaged enough to keep them reading to the final sentence.

Using these 10 outlined principles will help you gain the following you desire and deserve, as long as your content is over-delivered with inspired information and value.

Having this quality of information that will help solve the issues plaguing your readers will have them waiting in anticipation for your next blog post to surface.


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