Are you struggling to come up with a name for your blog?

Your blog’s name can play a huge role in the success of your blog, especially if you’ve decided to start an online business.

Choosing a blog name that represents your site’s brand and can easily be remembered by your raving fans when they’re staring at the address bar on their computer will make all the difference in the world.

In this guide, we’ll give you ideas, along with some examples, to help get the juices flowing, so you can come up with your own memorable and creative blog name that will help you grow your blog to the success you desire.

To help you make a choice for the perfect blog name, we’ve compiled a guide in 3 simple parts:

  • Part 1 is a checklist of questions to ask yourself, which will help you choose your blog name
  • Part 2 will give you ideas to help get the juices flowing to narrow down your domain name
  • Part 3 will provide tools and a proven formula to inspire and bring the creative part out of you

Let’s get started…

How to Choose a Blog Name You'll Love (Examples and FREE Domain Checker)

Your blog name, known as your domain name, is what people will type in the browser’s address bar to get to your website. It’s your unique website address on the Internet.

Whether you’ve been wanting to start your own blog or are in the middle of rebranding your site, this guide will help you to choose a blog name – hopefully, one that will inspire you and that you’ll love.

The popularity of blogging has gone through the roof. The statistics have shown that more than 5 million blog posts are published every day in 2023. (Source: Techjury)

It’s tough to give an exact number for how many blogs exist on the World Wide Web, however, it’s estimated that there are over 600 million blogs on the Internet today.

Because of the high number of blogs, struggling to come up with the perfect blog name has become difficult.

So, how do you choose a blog name that will represent your site’s vision and brand, and is memorable enough for your readers to find you on Google?

That’s the burning question…

The name you choose for your blog will play a role in your blogging success.

  • It’ll be the first thing your reader see’s when they come across your information in the SERPs (search engine results pages)
  • It’ll also set the tone for what people think and feel about your site

Questions to Ask Yourself – to Help You Choose a Blog Name

Below are 4 questions to consider before choosing a name for your blog.

1. What Will Your Blog Be About? (Identifying Your Niche)

What topic will you be talking about on your blog?

This is known as choosing your niche, which is the crucial first step to making money online – if that’s what you’re going for.

Before you start your blog and choose a blog name, it would be helpful to know what you’ll be writing about.

You’ll need to think about what you want your main blog’s message to be for your audience. Knowing this will help you pick a blog name.

If you’re unsure about the topic you’ll be writing about – choosing a blog name might be premature. I’d recommend you visit my article below…

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2. Who’s Your Target Audience?

It’s important to know who your target audience will be before you choose a blog name.

Your target audience refers to the specific group of consumers most likely to want your product or service.

A Target audience may be dictated by age, gender, income, location, interests or a myriad of other factors.

Knowing who you’ll be writing to will have an influence on the name you choose for your blog.

Knowing your target audience will also have an impact on the topics you’ll be covering on your blog, the marketing strategies you’ll use to get traffic to your site, along with the services or affiliate products you’ll choose to offer on your site for a passive income.

Below are some example questions to help you develop a picture of your ideal customer, which will help you create your writing style:

  • Is your audience mostly male or female?
  • What’s the age range you’ll be writing for?
  • What keeps your ideal reader up at night – what are their pain points?
  • Is your audience more of a blue-collar worker or in a more professional field?

If you really want to nail down who your target audience is, creating a buyer persona will be the solution.

A buyer persona is a fictional representation of your ideal client or target audience.

With a clear picture of who you’re marketing to, it’s much easier to develop effective, targeted content that speaks to your ideal buyer’s goals and challenges.

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3. What Will Your Writing Style Be Like? (Your Blog’s Tone of Voice)

Similar to the question, ‘Who’s your target audience’ – will your blog be using a conversational tone or a business, straight-to-the-point tone?

Once you develop your buyer persona and you’ve determined who your ideal customer will be (target audience), you’ll have a better understanding of the tone you’ll be using to attract them.

Most blogs are in the setting of talking to a friend over coffee, but some are more of a classroom-style setting (more instructional).

Once you have a better understanding of who you’re writing to, you’ll have a better idea of the tone you’ll use to communicate.

4. Branding – and the Importance of IT

Branding, in its most simple terms, is what people think about or say when you’re not around.

Branding is one of the most important aspects of your business. It’s what creates emotions and thoughts within your customers when they hear or see your business name.

Due to the blogosphere being saturated, you’ll want to find a blog name that represents your specific topic.

Choosing the perfect blog name can feel overwhelming. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time with it in the future.

As your blog grows and gains more traffic, it’ll automatically become a brand for you and your content.

Your readers will start to recognize it and identify with it. Therefore, make sure you choose a blog name that your target audience can relate to.

Will your chosen blog name represent, in a nutshell, what your business is about?

Example: The domain name,, is all about helping people navigate the exciting world of blogging – to start, grow and build a profitable blogging business.

Simple, right?

How to Narrow Down Your Domain Name

Although this is an exciting part of the process, don’t spend too much time on your domain name because you can always change it later.

Use a “.com” Domain Name – if You CAN

If you’ve ever searched for a domain name on a domain registrar like, you will have noticed that they’ve Up’ed their game by adding a bunch of domain name extensions to the mix.

But the “.com” extension is still King.

Here’s what researchers say about “.com” domain names:

  • 495 Fortune 500 companies choose ‘.com’ domains
  • 46% of websites use a domain name with the ‘.com’ extension
  • Owning a ‘.com’ domain name adds credibility to your brand
  • Owning a ‘.com’ name implies that you’re more established
  • Most people already assume that your website ends in ‘.com’ extension
  • Search engines can sometimes favor ‘.com’ domains over others

Unfortunately, since the domain name ending in the extension “.com” is so popular, finding the one you want is also the most difficult.

The domain extension “.co” has been gaining quite a bit of ground over the years, so consider this extension as an option if you’re unable to find the blog name you like.

Using Your Own Name for Your Blog

If you start a blog with the intent of offering services, then branding yourself by using your own name for your blog might be a wise decision.

Once you begin building a reputation for the services you offer, finding you on the Internet will be an easy task for those searching to learn more.

Another reason many bloggers choose to use their name for their blog is it allows them to pivot down the line.

What do I mean by pivot? If you choose to write about a different topic down the line, you can do it without changing the name of your blog.

If you have many talents to offer and are not 100% sure about the topic you’ll be writing about on your blog, this is the best option.

If your blog’s name is your own personal name, you can choose to literally write about anything you want, and nobody will be the wiser.

Think about it for a minute – if you’re currently writing about photography and then decide that you want to write about email marketing, having your personal name as your blog name will be an easy transition.

If you have the name,, and you decide that you’d like to start writing about email marketing, it might not work too well.

Using your own name will allow you the flexibility to change things up.

If your personal name is not available, you can use a variation, like: or something similar.

Use Abbreviations or Acronyms to Choose Your Blog Name

Sometimes you think of a great name but then realize it’s going to be too long. That’s where abbreviations come in.

Abbreviations are easier to remember and avoid typos when people enter the name in their browser.

Example: Do you know who International Business Machines are? They are better known as IBM. The alternative is long-winded and has too many letters with the chance of misspelling.

Take the United States Post Office, better known as

If you already know the name of your future blog and the name is quite long, see if the abbreviation is available.

Check Into Your Competition

If you wanna be successful in blogging, you must keep an eye on what your competitors are doing.

Checking out what they’ve named their blogs is no different.

Create a search for other bloggers within the niche you’ve chosen to write about – see what they’ve come up with for their blog names.

Checking your competitors might not seem like the best idea, but sometimes it can be enough to give you a moment of inspiration. When you see what works for a competitor, you get an idea of what might work for you.

Creativity at its BEST – Portmanteau WORDS

Gotta love the English language – what the heck does “Portmanteau” mean?

Portmanteau – a word blending the sounds and combining the meanings of two others, for example Motel (from ‘motor’ and ‘hotel’) or Brunch (from ‘breakfast’ and ‘lunch’).

“podcast is a portmanteau, a made-up word coined from a combination of the words iPod and broadcast”

Wanna come up with creative words to use within your blog’s name?

Here ya go, a GIGANTIC LIST of Portmanteau’s WORDS.

Use a Blog Name Generator

If you’re still having trouble coming up with a name, you can use a domain name generator tool like NameStation to produce a lot of ideas at once.

Choose a Blog Name with the Domain Name Generator - NameStation

An alternative is Wordoid, another great way to choose your blog name.

Narrow Down with THIS Blog Naming Formula

I have to admit I took these steps of narrowing down your domain name from mentors of mine, Alex & Lauren… it’s genius!

– I have yet to see such a clever formula for coming up with a domain name from anyone else…

Their process was an improvement from the one I offered, so I hope they won’t mind because it’s really good.

After all, keeping an open mind and learning from other successful entrepreneurs is what running a successful blogging business is all about.

I’ve taken their steps and made them my own – below is a version of their inspired steps to find your perfect domain.

Grab a pad of paper and a pencil because this formula works well.

Let’s use the example of a chosen niche: Graphics.

Step #1: You’ll wanna make a list of related words to your chosen niche, Graphics.

Picture, Art, Artwork, Visuals, Illustrations, Images.

Step #2: Use a thesaurus, whether online or in a book, to grab some more ideas.

Artistry, Handiwork, Craft, Portrait, Figure.

Step #3: Find some slang or made-up words

Doodle, Fiddle, Scribble, ClipArt, Splatter, Pica, Swag.

Step #4: Add a descriptive word (verb)

Render, Teach, Use, Create, Draw.

Step #5: Add an adjective to describe your word better

Vivid, Picturesque, Clear, Lifelike, Impressions.

Step #6: Add some of your terms together

You get the idea!

Ironically – as of this writing (Nov. 2nd, 2022), every one of these domain names are available – and I created them in a matter of minutes using the technique above.

Once you’re done brainstorming and combining words together, it’s time to see if any of your domain name ideas are available.

Use the link below to see if your chosen name is available.

If your name is not available, try to find a variation that works. Just remember to go for a ‘.com‘ extension if you can, and also, avoid choosing a domain name with dashes between words.

Spammers like to use dashes because they’re easily created. They can just take any set of words and put dashes between them to make a domain that isn’t already used.

– The moral of the story is don’t use them because the search engines don’t like them.

2 tips, if you find it impossible to find your perfect domain name:

  • Since so many .com domain names will be taken, try and get more creative by adding words together (without the dashes)
  • As previously mentioned, try using “.co” instead of the “.com“, which will have many more options – it’s becoming more popular by the day

If you still cannot come to terms with a domain name, don’t let that stop you. Find a name that you can be happy with for the moment, then change it down the road when you find your dream name.

Some Things to Ask Yourself Before Making Your Final Decision

  • Is it catchy?
  • Is it unique?
  • Is it brandable?
  • Is it user-friendly?
  • Is it easy to remember?
  • Can it be considered, Offensive?
  • Does it represent what your blog is about?
  • Is it easy to pronounce, remember and spell?
  • Does it violate any copyrights or trademarks?

If you haven’t already done so, attempt to buy your personal name in a ‘.com‘ extension. You may wanna use it in the future.

If the name you like is available, you can:

  • Buy it from the registrar, OR
  • If you haven’t started your blog yet, register it through your web hosting account (which will save you time & is recommended)
If you haven’t started your blog yet and are you’re just chompin’ at the bit, lookin’ to get your blog online, head on over to my Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners: How To Start a Blog in Easy-to-Follow Steps

If you are new to blogging, then this comprehensive, step-by-step guide above will be a perfect fit for you.

You’ll have your blog up and running in a matter of 15 minutes or so!

Conclusion – How to Choose Your Blog Name/Domain Name

Choosing your blog name will depend on a few factors:

  • Your chosen niche
  • The products & services you plan to offer
  • Along with the audience you’ll attract to your blog

Once you’ve confirmed your chosen niche and blog’s name, you’ll need to start creating your blog, start writing, and start generating traffic and an audience.

“Building a Successful Online Business is a Marathon – Not a Sprint”

If you believe that you have a good place to start – take the plunge and get going.

In unfamiliar territory, an Entrepreneur will dive in headfirst and learn as he goes.

Avoid Analysis Paralysis – perfection will come with time.

Don’t feel like everything needs to be perfect before you get started. This, unfortunately, is the way that many people never get started with their dream because they get stuck in the planning stages.

The most helpful blogging advice I can give you is to jump in headfirst, get your feet wet, tweak, and refine as you go.

Before you leave - check out our 100+ MEGA List of The BEST Tools for Bloggers + Helpful Resources (Free & Paid) to help you, Start, Build and Grow a profitable blogging business!
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