10 Things Rich People Do That Poor People Do NOT – Habits of the Wealthy

by | Updated on October 2nd, 2021

10 Things Rich People Do That Poor People Do NOT - The Habits of the Wealthy

Are the rich and wealthy people just good with money, or is there a deeper brilliance to their success?

85-88% of American millionaires are self-made, first-generation rich ~ Tom CorleyClick To Tweet

Most people including myself would agree that there are certain choices and daily habits that are targeted towards wealth.

The Habits of Wealthy People – 10 Choice Lessons

This following list started out with two American wealth gurus having their own lists for things that the rich do which poor people do not. These two wealthy gurus combined their ideas into one excellent list.

What took place is that wealth guru Tom Corley wrote a list of 10 rich habits that will make you rich, followed by 18 poverty habits that are keeping you poor.

Then along came another wealth guru, Dave Ramsey, who created his own list of 5 simple habits of the wealthy. You can read his list here.

This following list has been compiled of 10 things rich people do and poor people don’t. And the funny thing is… these routines and habits have nothing to do with money.

Rich Habits of the Super Wealthy

1. The Wealthy Eat Right

To begin… Tom Corley did his own research to find habits of rich people vs. poor people – to find that 70% of wealthy people eat less than 300 junk-food calories each day. While 97% of poor people eat more than 300 junk-food calories per day.

The lesson to be learned? Your body is a temple… treat it as such!

2. They Stay in Shape – They Keep FIT!

We all know that a healthy body usually means a healthy and clear mind. According to research, 76% of wealthy Americans exercise at least 4 days a week, when only 23% of poor people do.

3. The Wealthy Set Goals for Themselves

A goal is a dream with a deadline ~ Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow RichClick To Tweet

Setting goals for yourself starts with a strong desire. It is stated that at least 80% of the wealthy focus on accomplishing a single goal. It is also stated that the wealthy write their goals down in a location to be seen which is 4 times greater than the poor.

Only 12% of the poor people have a goal written down.

4. The Wealthy Do Not Disclose ALL

Blurting out ever thought or idea is not going to get you very far in the business world. According to Corley, only 11.6% of the wealthy will blurt out what’s on their mind, compared to a whopping 69% of the poor.

There is nothing wrong with keeping thoughts and ideas to yourself. People will flock to you when they see your success. You will look like a super hero and they will want to know your little known secrets to wealth.

5. The Wealthy Keep a To-Do List – They Stay Organized

We’ve all heard the saying ‘Spinning Your Wheels’. Being organized by keeping a to-do list is one of the habits of the wealthy that may seem too simple to be true.

Research shows that 81% of the wealthy keep a to-do list, while only 19% of the poor will.

84% of wealthy believe good habits create opportunity luck vs. 4% of poor ~ Dave RamseyClick To Tweet

6. The Wealthy NEVER Stop Educating Themselves

The wealthy READ! They will read materials related to their career or education to better themselves. Research shows that 88% of the wealthy will read for at least 30 minutes each day, while only 2% of the poor do likewise.

86% of wealthy believe in lifelong educational self-improvement vs. 5% of poor ~ Dave RamseyClick To Tweet

Did you know that 63% of wealthy parents make their children read two or more non-fiction books a month vs. 3% of poor? There’s gotta be something to these facts!

Want to increase your bottom line? Stop playing Farmville or Angry Birds and pick up a book.

For additional Business Success tips – visit Creating a System for Success – 90 Days and Beyond!

7. Give Grandma a Call

Showing the love by remembering somebody on their birthday is good business according to Corley. It is said that 80% of rich people make it a habit to make birthday calls, compared to only 11% of the poor people.

8. Stop Watching Big Brother

You want to find the freedom you’ve been desiring for years – to break free from the Rat-Race 9 to 5 and join the distinguished 1% club? STOP WATCHING TV!

According to Corley, 67% of the wealthy people only watch an hour or less of TV on a daily basis – and only 6% of those watch reality TV. He says that 78% of poor people watch reality TV.

Poor people have a big TV. Rich people have big library ~ Jim RohnClick To Tweet

Watching excess amounts of TV is indulging in the number 1 mind-numbing activity, which keeps people poor.

9. The Wealthy are NOT Big on Gambling

52% of poor people gamble with the hopes of winning big. The lottery and other forms of gambling are designed to make a profit… the odds are not in your favor.

Only 23% of wealthy people gamble… stop focusing on beating the system and focus on educating yourself for greatness.

10. The Wealthy WILL Make Daily Positive Choices

Making positive choices each and every day, no matter how small, can create healthy and good habits that will pay off in the long run. Simply stated… your choices, negative or positive, will be reflected in your results.

74% of wealthy teach good daily success habits to their children vs. 1% of poor ~ Dave RamseyClick To Tweet

Closing Comments for The Habits of the Wealthy

We realize that there are situations for many of the poor that put them at a disadvantage in one way or another, and not everyone has the luxury or desire to pick themselves up.

Like anything else, we also realize that following a list to the letter can be a bit overwhelming, so take each of these time-proven tips into consideration, make the choices that you feel you can make work in your life, then own them.

There is no specific time table leading to wealth, but statistics state that following some simple rules can turn into positive habits, which can turn into positive results, which can lead you on a path to financial wealth.

Just know that if you follow the advice shared by the wealthy, that these success tips can get you one step closer to the lifestyle you desire and deserve.

There is a comment on Dave Ramsey’s blog which offers hope to all:

“I was born poor, raised in poverty and watched my parents die that way. I worked hard, eliminated my bad habits, started doing what the wealthy did. Mostly I stopped blaming others for my lack of wealth. Now I am wealthy, and help others who want to be helped.” ~ Dave Ramsey

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Comments (8)

  1. Joseph Botelho (@jfbmarketing) says:

    They are focused machine, stay on track at all times, never deviate from their success road map. Great ten point to apply in the New Year John. Thanks for sharing this brilliant piece of information…

    • John Engle says:

      Hey Joseph… good to hear from you.

      The wealthy are a highly disciplined breed; they are most definitely focused machines as you say… they make quick decisions and don’t think twice about changing their mind, they move on. I learn something new every time I listen or watch them somewhere.

      I have watched Shark Tank and noticed the similarity to everything I have learned through reading books authored by the wealthy. In order to be wealthy, we must watch and learn from those whom have made it big financially.

      Have an awesome day Joseph,

      John Engle

  2. The Always Believer says:

    Great post and good goals to have in mind. This keeps me very motivated and on my game. I finally have the time to dedicate myself to learning more about the business and getting to where I want to be. My life is much like Ramsey in this case, poverty all around me, I want to get my life off to a much richer enviroment. Not only physical but mentally. Doing the best I can and may it be plenty more where that came from.
    Will keep reading you! 🙂
    The Always Believer

    • John Engle says:

      Hey The Always Believer,

      I like your tagline and what you said in this comment… it shows the positive outlook and dreamer of wealth in you.

      It makes me think of this quote – “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” ~ Harriet Tubman

      It’s amazing the simple and consistent acts that the wealthy do which provides them with undeniable riches, isn’t it?

      I especially feel that the most important of the 10 are the creation of the To-Do list, which helps me keep on track with my daily activities, the setting of the goals which helps drive me to my awaiting destiny, and continual education that I crave on a nightly basis to learn more about what my future holds.

      Thank You for stopping by and making a comment…

      John Engle

  3. The wealthy never stop educating themselves. I really like that one. I try to learn something new every day. All of the successful people I’ve studied all focused on continuous improvement. Great list of tips. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wanicleide says:

    the best was.. they stay in shape.. they keep fit!!!!!

  5. S.Olamilekan Majeed says:

    wow!.you really got me John,i only share 2,4 and 6 but deep down what really stopping me is excuses and am going to work on my self to earn the rest habit.

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