How to Find Your WHY – Your Ultimate Source Of Motivation

by | Updated on November 9th, 2021

When building a home-based business, to know your WHY is one of the most important things you can do to be successful.

It’s pretty simple really – knowing your Why is a way of finding your purpose for pursuing your goals.

The bigger your goal – the deeper your reason needs to be for what you are wanting to accomplish.

How to Find Your 'Why' - Your Ultimate Source Of Motivation | Is Your Why Big Enough?

In order to build a successful Internet-based business, or do anything else for that matter, you must identify your motivations – YOU MUST ‘Find Your Why‘.

You must have a strong reason “WHY” (you are doing it), you must have an unstoppable dream!

The WHY is the purpose, cause or belief that drives every one of us ~ Simon SinekClick To Tweet

Knowing your ‘Why’ is a way of showing the reason that you are doing what you’re doing.

It can be:

  • I want work from home so I can be there for my children’s precious moments of growing up
  • I want to be a role model for those who want to start a home-based business
  • I want to get my wife home from her job
  • I want to quit my job and work for myself

There are many reason’s WHY you do what you do. Make it your own and make it strong enough to drive you to accomplish your dream.

“Nothing happens without first a dream” ~ Carl Sandburg

Reasons to Find Your Why

If you have you ever been a part of a network marketing business, you will noticed that, after enrolling with them, they will ask you to list everybody you know, and to also write down your “WHY”?

Have you ever wondered why, asking you to write down your “Why” is so important, that it happens to be one of two questions asked by many home-based MLM businesses?

These businesses realize that you can know exactly what you are doing with your home business, know every step you need to take to succeed, but knowing your ‘Why’ is much more important than any of that.


Because, finding your purpose will be your ultimate source of motivation… it will be your reason to keep moving forward even when business is looking bleak or you’ve hit a wall.

The motivation will come from knowing “WHY” you are doing what you are doing.

When the WHY is clear, the HOW is easy ~ Jim RohnClick To Tweet

Finding Your Purpose (WHY) – A Strong Benefit for Your Business

Establishing your WHY will give you reasons to continue on, even when you are struggling.

Your Why will help you on those days when you don’t feel like getting out of bed.

Having your Why be STRONG as OAK, will give you an unlimited amount of motivation to provide the ‘HOW’ to move out of your comfort zone and take massive action… it’s what will drive you to success.

Your Why will make you get up early in the morning, stay longer at the office, make one more phone call to a potential prospect, etc.

It is a strong motivator for stopping the wheel spin and getting things accomplished.

Finding Your Why Can Be Your Dream – It Can Be Your Ambition to Strive for Excellence

When you have a dream and have your “WHY” written down, plus have an established, strong mental image in your mind to “Why You ARE Doing This,” it will create a burning desire to achieve greatness, produce something better for your future.

Some people will allow their dreams to fade away to nothing, but those people who really succeed in business, and in life, are those that have established an unbreakable bond with their WHY until their dream becomes reality.

Your dream doesn’t have to be something that is overwhelming or massive. It doesn’t have to be something that will change the lives of millions of people or leave a dent in history.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing to think big, but make sure your dream gives you the burning desire to inspire you take action.

Your dream will be the greatest force in life… it will provide more leverage for taking action than anything else a person can fathom.

A Short Exercise to Discover Your WHY

Below you will find a short exercise to discover your burning desire, what you really want… your WHY!

This exercise will help you discover what it is you really want out of life; why you are here and your real source of motivation to get it done.

Write Down the Following Questions then Ask Yourself WHY:

Question #1 – What do you want? Why do you want it?

This can be that new sports car that passed you on the highway, it can be the desire to move into an nicer house, quit your job… anything you envision on the surface level.

Question #2 – What will this GIVE YOU that you don’t currently have now?

Write down the first thing that comes to mind… the thrill and feel of a fast car, more time with your family, financial freedom, etc.

Ask again except this time ask the same question while you sit in silence, in deep thought… meditation!

What will this GIVE ME that I don’t currently have now?

Ask again…

What will this GIVE ME that I don’t currently have now?

Keep asking the same question until you go deep down into your subconscious mind. Embrace the silence, then ask yourself again and the answers will eventually appear from your subconscious mind.

When you reach this point, you will know the answer you seek… Your Why!

This is the POWER of the REAL WHY!

Conclusion – Your Dreams – Your WHY

When you do this exercise, you will come up with your ULTIMATE WHY. This WHY will be used to fuel your passion, your ambition, your motivation to take massive action with whatever you are attempting to accomplish.

Make sure to review your list of motivations each and every time fear or doubt threaten to slow your progress.

Doing this will help you create amazing results and the life you want and deserve.

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Comments (7)

  1. Blessing Christopher says:

    Your WHY is your reason to never say never, I’m not quitting even if I’m not getting a good result at the moment.

  2. Funmilayo says:

    Your Why Is The Strength To Exel You To Success, Without Your Why U Cant Reach The Success Ground

  3. Knowing where you are going is important,
    knowing WHY your going there is pertinent!

  4. Nate Leung says:

    Hi John,

    This post reminds me of how in life, the things we do and how we go about our day can pass by in a split of a second if you are not aware of it. January is pretty much over and next week is Valentines day. Sometimes, when we get excited about an idea, and that idea becomes fun at first, then we get to a point in that exact moment where it starts to become mundane or boring, then we lose the excitement. It’s very much like knowing your ‘why’ because if you don’t know it and you don’t stick to why you’re doing the business in the first place, you’ll be spinning in circles all day long and realize that you’re not getting anywhere. Thanks for the great post John!

    • John Engle says:

      Hey Nate,

      Very good points…

      It is SO easy to lose our focus when we don’t have an established, motivational reason to continue on those days when things get in our way or seem bleak, causing us to question our resolve.

      I speak from experience when I say that it is SO easy to lose our focus and concentration on what really matters in our own lives, so when that happens, I take a look at my wall next to my desk which has my written “WHY I’m Doing This” written in big letters, I smile and get back on track.

      Thank You for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

      John Engle

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