How Commenting on Blogs Can Make You an Exceptional Person [Blogger]

by | Updated on November 20th, 2021

How Commenting on Blogs Can Make You an Exceptional Person [Blogger]

Creating insightful, well thought out comments and feedback on other blogger’s article posts can help YOU create a reputation for your name and blog’s brand.

Everybody enjoys the social proof that follows with comments and participation

For me, it shows that the dedicated long hours and hard work is paying off and is appreciated. It’s an endorsement that my blog articles hold some form of value to the reader.

Commenting on Blogs Endorse the Blogger – The Writer Extraordinaire

My 30 Second ‘Soap-Box’ Rant…

It’s unfortunate that in today’s fast-paced society everything seems to be turned around. In my opinion, it appears that the subject is all about “What’s in it for ME,” and not the other person.

What’s in it for me – translation ~ In our culture, it seems that most people are caught up in their need for greed. A “What’s in it for me?” attitude. The driving mindset behind “What’s in for me?” is simple and selfish. It translates into “I’m not going to do anything that doesn’t benefit or reward me.”

Thankfully, not everyone is like this. I know it’s tough out there in the real world, but we as a society need to pull together and make some changes for the better.

We need to give thanks where it’s due and bring reader participation back into the Blogger-sphere (my made up word).

Tell me I’m wrong, but it seems that the majority of people are looking for a solution, but don’t have the time to give a simple ‘Thank You’ for the information that was diligently provided for them.

We as bloggers work hard to provide value-based content to our readers and it’s time to show this appreciation, Damn-it.

OK I’m DONE – On to the Facts About Reader Contribution…

Jakob Nielsen talking on the subject of social participation… he states that “In most online communities, 90% of users are lurkers who never contribute, 9% of users contribute a little, and 1% of users account for almost all the action.”, he calls this the “90-9-1 Rule for Social Participation”.

For this blog,, the word on the Google Analytic’s street is that my readers enjoy my content.

Google shows that I have a low bounce rate percentage which states that people don’t just visit the one page that they intended, but they liked the information enough that the reader clicked through to another article, or two.

I know of a few bloggers that claim to receive about 2000 to 3000 visitors on any given day that they publish an article and yet they only receive a few comments for that day.

In my opinion, that is not being very appreciative on the part of the reader. And, it sure doesn’t back up the comment made by Mr. Nielson on the subject of social participation considering that there should be some participation from the 9%-ers.

This is pretty pathetic… a few comments on an article that is read by 3000+ people is low, below the 1% of users that supposedly leave all the comments.

YA KNOW – Leaving a comment is not much different than leaving a tip at a restaurant. If you appreciate the hard work the person puts in to taking your order and serving you with a smile, then to continually follow up to see if there is anything else you need, you show your appreciation by graciously leaving a tip.

Building Relationships Through Blog Commenting – Within Your Niche

To help build your reputation as a authority in the blogging world, you must actively participate in the social community.

This simple task of commenting on blogger’s articles and interacting with other commentor’s can help you gain visibility, which in turn can bring those other people to your site.

This is not only a great way to get your name out there to build relationships, but Google and other search engines witness you bonding with the community and it looks good in their algorithmic eyes.

“A Good Debate Leads to Great Ideas”

Not only does this one simple act build relationships, but this daily participation can help give you inspiration to come up with additional content for your blog.

Participating on blogs within your own niche will help empower you, giving you to a strong network of people along with driving additional related traffic to your blog.

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I have found that doing this one little daily task creates curiosity on the part of other blog readers bringing additional traffic to my site to see what I have to offer.

Comment Participation Encourages the Building of Relationships

We all know that if you are building a business, whether it’s a digital marketing business or a brick and mortar business, it’s all about the relationship.

“People Don’t Join a Business – They Join YOU!”

Showing your appreciation for a blogger through the leaving of a positive comment will help develop confidence within the person behind the writing of the blog article.

Leaving Comments is a Natural Method for Gaining Backlinks

Having quality backlinks will add authority to your blog in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Having a better ranking will help you gain a higher position within the search engines results pages.

It’s simple… if others link to certain pages on your site, it will be shown as a “Vote,” or an “Endorsement” in the eyes of the search engine, that you have some good content on that page.

Commenting on blogs considered “DoFollow,” that are without the “NoFollow” tag, will help you gain backlinks to your site.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to comment on a combination of dofollow and nofollow blogs which will help you boost your blogs rank in search engines.

Conclusion – HOW Participating on Blogs Can Make You a Better Blogger

Leaving a comment such as “Thanks” or something along the lines of “Great Information Dude” is not going to get you very far. These types of comments are considered spam and won’t be approved.

Be cool and leave a worthwhile comment showing your appreciation for the writer. Let him or her know how much you appreciate the time they spent to create the article and what value it brings to the table for you.

Leaving a Comment is OUR Tip!

I would like to CHALLENGE YOU! For the purposes of improving the Internet’s social participation; when you visit another person’s blog, take the time to write a value-based comment.

After all, the blogger spent countless hours writing the article for you to read it with NO expectation in return.

But, don’t stop there… once you’ve left your comment, take the time to read other articles. After all, you came to their blog to read an article of interest, so maybe there’s additional information that might do you or your business some good.

What Did YOU Get from This Article? How Often Do You Comment on Posts? What Category Do You Fall Into for Social Participation? ‘Lurker‘ – ‘Contribute a Little‘ – ‘Almost ALL the Action‘! Comment Below!

P.S. After you’re done leaving a comment – visit another blog article from the list below. If you appreciate the article, please take the time to leave me your feedback. Thank You!


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Blogging since 2010, John has found his true calling as TheBlogPilot. He's a serial entrepreneur and business owner, who's mission is to help ambitious individuals find financial freedom through blogging - to start, grow & build a sustainable, money-making blogging business!

Comments (9)

  1. Sahid says:

    This blog must be very inspiring for everyone. Blogging is the best way for everyone to express their views and share them with everyone.

  2. The vin Art says:

    Thanks for going in so much detail.
    Looking forward to having more from your side.

  3. Al says:

    John this was a good article. The problem is people don’t realize the value of commenting. Just as you said. Everyone wants to work on their value proposition, and focus all their energies on creating great content. But the real might of a blog is engagement, building the community. Your content can be great but if you don’t build a community around it than so what! Good info my friend. You have a retweet coming. Thanks for sharing.

    • John Engle says:

      Hey Al,

      You make some great points… engagement is key to lasting on and offline relationships which will also boost your business success.

      Thank You for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

      John Engle

  4. Phillip Dews says:

    Hi John,
    Great post loved it! I will share it with everyone!
    Don’t we just hate all of those comments hey! Us bloggers
    get a raw deal!

    I love blogging and I love commenting so I suppose that I
    am part of that rare 1% out there! I am an admin of a famous
    Blog that gets up to 11,000 visits a day and publishes on average
    4 quality posts a day every day but also suffers from this
    lack of comments.

    We all work hard writing an epic post spending hours on it, checking
    the grammar and making or collecting the relevant images. Then we go to
    promote it by crafting social network updates and then wait for
    the comments to come which invariably never do. Even though that
    Post is getting liked, shared and re-tweeted!

    I am amazed at the retweets I get to each of my posts and I always
    Thank the tweeter with “Thanks! What did you think of the post?”
    Some reply back on twitter with “Yea it was good!” I them ask them
    for their opinion on a certain point in my post which invariably
    catches them out or they just don’t respond back! Gotcha! They never
    even read my post. What ever happened to Honesty?

    I love the idea of your daily to do list and commenting works great!
    However I visit blogs and leave long comments like this one and the
    Blogger never seems to reciprocate especially famous bloggers even
    After I have left 20 or 30 comments on their blog like a did a few
    years ago. Shame hey as well as just plain rude I think! However most
    do visit and leave a comment or two. However most bloggers do reciprocate
    and visit and leave a comment or two

    Only 3 blogs a day John! I would do more and get out your comfort zone
    and when you get comfortable again I would double it again buddy! That’s
    my intention with my daily routine ad to get building on my new blog.

    I loved your section on closing comments and i agree that commenting
    does help form and build on relationships, like you say in this post
    “People Don’t Join a Business – They Join YOU!” I also love the saying
    that “People buy from people they know like and trust.”

    So in ending and leaving my two pennies worth is this! Don’t get comfortable
    if you publish once a week double it then again and then again and then again!
    Don’t comment on 3 posts a day comment on 6 then 12 then 24. That way we grow
    as a person and as a better blogger. Also quantity does not necessarily
    mean lack of quality.

    Enjoyed this post John! See you around sometime
    – Phillip Dews

    • John Engle says:

      Hey Phillip,

      Wow… your comment is a perfect example and testament of how a reply should be.

      Even though it’s long, it is well thought out and shows how much appreciation you have for the time the blogger spent writing his article.

      I too believe in reciprocation… I have recently run into a fellow network marketer Nate Leung, and we have been commenting on each others articles.

      He and I have different styles in our writing, but that is what Personally Branding ourselves is all about.

      I agree with you about sharing the comment love a little more than 3 blogs a day. I will have to set aside more time considering my Internet Marketing business, plus helping my folks with their Bed and Breakfast website.

      Regardless, I agree with you.

      Your comment is a welcome sight and most definitely appreciated.

      I will be visiting your site and showing my appreciation…

      John Engle

  5. Billie Ann Zahir says:

    When I saw this blog post tweeted I could have sworn I heard a choir of Angels sing in the heavens. I say that with the greatest sincerity. Honestly, my first attempt at blogging was abandoned due to lack of comments being left by visitors. I was a top notch commenter who strived to acknowledge the blogger’s time and effort by comments which where thoughtful and genuine. I’m not bragging; I’m stating fact. I would follow their blog. They would follow mine. Then they would slink away doing the walk of shame and giving me pity “likes” here and there. Ugh! I hated it so I gave up. However, recently I decided to give it a try again using all the new information I’ve learned. The one thing I really needed I found here. Thank you for the reassurance it was not because my efforts were lacking but because most people are not commenters. Yay! Actually, using the math you provided, my comment to visits ratio was stupendous! Thank you! Thank you! I am going to continue to check in with you for other nuggets of wisdom. 🙂

    • John Engle says:

      Hi Billie,

      Thank you for the nice things you said… it is true that less than 1% actually leave a comment, pretty sad actually.

      I do appreciate the time you took to write a thorough comment.

      Have a good day.

      John Engle

  6. TheIndieG says:

    I must say that is a very interesting way of looking at it, I am a relatively new blogger trying to find new ways of marketing and getting it to the people who might actually want to read it. This was a very interesting article, I will definitely use some of these techniques from now on.

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      To work from home or while traveling!

      To have the freedom to be your own boss!


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